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Oklahoma State University

Report a COVID Case

If you test positive, call Payne County Health Department at 405-372-8200. Positive individuals should take steps to prevent the spread such as staying at home and avoiding public areas. Separate yourself from others as much as possible, in a specific room or away from people in your home. UHS or Payne County can help you know when it is safe for contact.

If you test negative, but were a close contact (less than 6 feet apart from a positive individual for more than 15 minutes), then quarantine yourself for 14 days. A negative test result does not mean you won’t get sick later and does not release you from quarantine or isolation. For questions call Payne County Health Department at 405-372-8200 or contact UHS at 405-744-7665.

If you would like to report COVID-19 concerns, questions or cases to UHS, please comment in the box below.

campuswide ID number