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Oklahoma State University

Patient Guidance

University Health Services is still open and ready to safely serve the OSU community. However, we are following CDC guidelines and encouraging you to stay home, if possible. If you need medical assistance or have questions, please call us and speak with a nurse before coming to the clinic. All patients coming to the clinic should remain in their car, call 405-744-7665 and wait for further instructions. All doors are locked at this time. For additional guidance and a summary of the services available, please read below.

Student and Employee Health Clinics

We are available to see students, faculty, and staff in person or through a telehealth platform. At this time, we are screening all patients wishing to see a provider. By working with one of our specialized nurses, we can determine what provider can best meet your health care needs and if you are able to do so through an online platform. We encourage you to postpone health issues that are not urgent. If you have questions regarding your health care needs, we are able to help!

Lab and Radiology

Our lab and radiology departments are open and assisting providers with various testing. We have a limited capacity to test for COVID-19 in patients who meet selected criteria. 

Women’s Health

We are temporarily limiting our women’s health services to promote social distancing. If you have a medication refill request or health concern, please call 405-744-7665.

Allergy Injections

We will continue to administer allergy serum injections as requested. We will do this in a separate, isolated location within the clinic. As you arrive to the clinic, call the main desk and we will escort you to the appropriate area. If you wish to check out your serum, please call 405-744-7665 to make this request. 


At this time we are temporarily closing the main pharmacy check-out for medications. You can speak with a pharmacist or pick-up a medication by utilizing our drive-up pharmacy.


At this time, our psychiatrist is not taking new clients but is working to continue medication refills and facilitate brief telehealth visits with existing clients. Individuals in crisis can contact Grand Lake Mental Health at 1-800-722-3611. For other mental health needs, please visit University Counseling Services or choose one of the options below:

  • TAO Self-Help /
    Therapy Assistance Online is available to anyone at OSU with a working @okstate email address. Visit for additional information.
  • Call SAM
    855-225-2SAM (2726) (Student Assistance by Mercy) has licensed counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to crises, and provide referrals and consultations.
  • MDLive
    In response to the COVID-19 situation we are offering free video counseling services through our contract with MDLive to any OSU student who is in need. MDLive provides students with licensed counselors who can provide timely access to counseling via their video or phone platform. Please call for more information on getting setup with this service.

Employee Assistance Psychology (EAP)

We are currently offering telehealth options for EAP services. Consent forms and instructional information can be found here. If you are a current client, please call 405-744-7665 for details.

Nutrition Counseling

We are currently offering telehealth options for dietetic and nutrition services. If you are a current client, please call 405-744-7665 for details.


If you have fever and/or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath), have had recent travel, or contact with an individual known to have the novel coronavirus, call the health clinic at 405-744-7665 to get instructions BEFORE coming to UHS.

UHS has a limited capacity to test for COVID-19 in patients who meet selected criteria. We are not testing asymptomatic patients at this time. Decisions to test patients who have symptoms of cough, fever and shortness of breath will be made by a provider at UHS. We will take into account relevant travel history, other medical conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19 infection, and whether other causes for the symptoms have been excluded.

For questions about COVID-19 and what OSU is doing to protect the campus community, please visit