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Oklahoma State University

Professional Education Training Experience - P.E.T.E. Information

Thank you for your interest in exploring a health related career. The purpose of the P.E.T.E program is to give students well rounded exposure to the many health careers that fall under the expertise of University Health Services (UHS) staff. UHS has a full outpatient clinic, pharmacy, health education department, clinic lab, radiology, and dedicated women’s clinic. Additionally there are professions that tie into healthcare administration, healthcare information technology, and patient services.

You may have an interest in a health profession, but not exactly sure how that translates into a more focused plan of study or future career. As a department within Student Affairs, University Health Services strives to provide resources to all students that aid in overall professional development.

At the end of this semester long program, you will be able to more closely identify with all occupational responsibilities within the clinic, as well as have a broad appreciation of what it’s like to work in a healthcare facility. Some programming will be general health industry related topics while other areas will be more targeted towards interacting with staff in their roles. Please know there will be no hands-on experience with actual patients during this program.

Please note this is a professional development program sponsored by University Health Services and is not for academic credit. Additionally, we will be seeking your input before, during, and after completion of the program so that we may improve our overall programming and interactions with participants. We hope this program will provide insight to your area of professional interest and ultimately enhance your resume, curriculum vitae, or application for a specific field of study.


P.E.T.E  Program  Steering  Committee
Chris Barlow, MHA (Director of University Health Services)
Pamela Stokes, RN (Associate Director of Clinical Operations, University Health Services)