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Oklahoma State University

Opioid Prescribing

University Health recognizes that there is a prescription opioid epidemic and follows recommendations set forth by the American College Health Association (ACHA) to maximize safety and reduce the potential for abuse among Oklahoma State University students, faculty, and staff. At this time UHS providers:

  • Avoid opioids whenever possible.
  • Prescribe opioids for time-limited use only.
  • Discuss the risks and dangers of opioid medications in detail with the patient.
  • Prescribe opioids in low doses and small quantities, if at all.
  • Establish treatment goals before beginning therapy of any kind.
  • Recommend close follow-up dates for confirmed discontinuation.
  • Screen for substance abuse, poorly-controlled depression, family history of substance abuse, concomitant use of benzodiazepines, and other major psychiatric disorders.
  • Perform frequent checks of state prescription drug monitoring programs.

In addition, we also take the misuse of opiods very seriously. Precautions are taken to ensure that staff can respond to a potential opioid overdose. At this time UHS providers and/or nursing staff:

Stock no less than 2 doses of Narcan in the Trauma Cart that resides in the clinic.

  • Ensure that staff is trained in the ability to manage the airway of an unconscious patient.
  • Ensure that the health center clinical staff is adequately trained to provide intravenous fluid support.
  • Work closely with OSU PD and LifeNet to facilitate our transport and emergency response.