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Oklahoma State University

Academic Partnership

University Health Services is proud to partner with University College to offer an opportunity for pre-health professionals to explore health care. This 12-week course offers a didactic component within the classroom, where various licensed health-care professionals meet with the class each week. This is an opportunity to chat with a professional firsthand about their experiences in their field and what advice they would offer to students preparing for professional school(s). In addition, the enrolled students will have an opportunity to come to University Health Services and interact with professionals in an acute-care setting. There are numerous hands-on experiences offered like practicing injections, starting an IV, dressing a would, or suturing just to name a few!

If interested, students can enroll in UNIV 2511. For more information, please visit: or contact Jessica Priddy-Bullock, M. Ed., Director, at 405-744-1389 or visit University College in the Student Union, room 040.