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What will it cost me?

For insured student patients, a flat physician office visit fee of $50 is charged. The fee falls well below community rates and regardless of in-network or out-of-network benefits, it offers students a low cost option to see a medical provider.

For uninsured or self-pay student patients, we offer a prompt pay discount of $20 to see a medical provider. The bursar is always a good option for deferring payment.

Fees for lab, x-ray, and pharmacy depend on the nature of that service and are not included in the standard office visit charge. While we can do a number of lab tests in house, we often have to send lab work to outside reference laboratories due to it exceeding our testing capabilities. We are happy to file claims on behalf of students or assist in helping you understand your insurance benefits.

You have the right to know what those charges are prior to receiving care. Please call (405)744-7665 for specific concerns with cost, insurance, or billing.

For a list of our pricing of common procedures, lab tests and vaccinations, click here.


How do I pay?

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Bursar charge
  • Credit/Debit Cards

UHS does not refuse care based on the ability to pay at the time of service. Our goal is to take care of student's healthcare needs first and foremost.

Any special payment requirements must be arranged through the Bursar and as allowed by University Policy. For more information, please call (405) 744-7665.

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